Juice for Heartburn

Drinking freshly made cabbage or potato juice can help prevent heartburn. If you didn't know, then you've learned yet something else new by reading this article. 

Alright, I admit that neither of these options sounds particularly appealing to drink, but look at it this way, if you had to make the choice between a high likelihood of suffering heartburn after what you've just eaten, or drinking one of these juices, which would you pick? I know what I would choose.

Unfortunately, the potato juice has to be drunk raw to work, which does nothing to add to its palatability. Diluting it in water does make it slightly more palatable, whilst not affecting its properties. 

Despite this remedy being around for years, it is still under investigation by medical scientists to find out exactly how it works, so I can't explain here how it counteracts heartburn as it is still unknown. Though for sufferers, I believe that it is not the science that is so important, but purely knowing that the remedy does work.

Cabbage juice again has the same effect as potato juice. If you choose to drink between 8 - 10 ounces of cabbage juice on a daily basis, your chances of suffering from heartburn should be dramatically reduced.

In both cases, both the potato juice and cabbage juice have to be freshly made to have any effect. So if you plan to try out any of these remedies you should begin to build up your store cupboard of these vegetables.

Alternatively, Aloe Vera juice will also work, providing that it has high mucopolysaccharide content. (Mucopolysaccharide is, simply put, a series of smaller sugar molecules strung together in a chain. In other words you are looking for aloe Vera juice with high sugar content.)

Although I wasn't too fond of it in the beginning, I've found now that I can live with drinking potato juice. I draw the line at cabbage juice however! I still haven't been able to get used to the taste.
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