Diet for Heartburn

By really scrutinizing your diet and changing the way you eat, you can dramatically reduce your chance of suffering from a new bout of heartburn.

I know, they're all your favorite foods and just to think about cutting them out of your diet is making you cringe and cry, and generally get depressed. Maybe even suicidal when you think that you'll have to go through your whole life without chocolate or your daily caffeine fix.

But all is not lost. Just because these foods are most likely to trigger your heartburn, doesn't mean that they will trigger it. What you need to do first is to keep a food diary  to identify what foods, in what quantity cause your heartburn to occur. Once you have identified these factors, then even though you might be able to just cut down on the quantity, it might be better still to cut them completely out of your diet if you can. However, there may be instances where you may not be able to.

Can you imagine going to a restaurant and interrogating the waiter on every single ingredient that goes into the dishes, so you know whether you're eating something that triggers your heartburn? Let's face it, it's just not realistic. But there are still steps that you can take even if you're dining out, and I look at these later on.

Therefore, whilst it's better if you can change your diet to completely cut out those heartburn trigger foods, it may not be possible. What is possible though is for you to reduce the amount of these foods that you eat, or change how you cook them. For example, if you find that deep fried fries triggers your heartburn due to the amount of fat used in the cooking, try cooking them with less fat, or better still use oven fries.

Through reducing those foods from your diet that causes heartburn, it will make you look at other foods that you can incorporate in their place.

Above all, you shouldn't look at changing your diet in a negative way. Just because you need to cut out or cut down on those foods that trigger your heartburn shouldn't be a cause for despair. Look at it as an opportunity to try some of those new foods that are out there, and expand your horizons with your cooking skills.
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