Drugs versus Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn

Pharmaceutical drugs are all fine and well to take either in an emergency or as a short term solution. If taken over a long period though, they can have many side effects. As well as lowering your body's tolerance to the medication, they can cause more serious medical problems, in particular when taken over an extended period of time.

In recent years there have been an increasing number of reports about the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs taken for heartburn, with some of these being irreversible. In addition, pharmaceutical drugs don't really help in the long term to stop your
heartburn from recurring.

They work by simply blocking or masking the
heartburn symptoms that you're experiencing for as long as the drug is in effect. As soon as it begins to wear off, your symptoms are back. You also need to bear in mind that when the blocking effect wears off, your stomach may create more stomach acid than usual. Hey presto, you're back to where you started again.

Also, try picturing the following situation. You're staying the night at a friend's house. You've had a wonderful evening, really enjoyable, but may have overdone the food or drink just a touch more than normal. You're getting ready for bed when you feel that familiar pain beginning. You know the one, that burning sensation that heralds the onset of your heartburn.

You know what's going to follow, so you do what comes naturally to you. You reach for your medication. What happens if you've forgotten it? It's late at night and you've drunk too much to consider driving down to the nearest drugstore. It's a situation that can very easily happen.

This is one very good example where even if you aren't "into" natural home remedies, at least knowledge of them is very useful in emergency situations like this. Still not convinced? Then let's consider your two options. You have a choice between suffering in pain the whole night and not being able to sleep, compared with using a natural remedy which will probably help alleviate the burning, and the discomfort. I know which option I would choose. 
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